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Change Your Fate


The Daughters of Lilith has been set up to provide magical services to those in need. With many years of experience, the daughters come from all walks of life and are in all corners of the globe. What this means is that practices outside of the traditional¬† “white” sphere are utilised, which ensures the best result for your problems.¬† Information on our workings is kept to the minimum on this site.


Traditional readings are old hat. What the daughters have found over the years that they have been reading is that people want practical advice and guidance on how to change their situations. Our ritualistic readings are primal in nature and deliver what you wish for.


All spells are bespoke are tailored to each client, their needs and their desired outcome. Whilst some are “off the shelf” these are merely indicative in nature and are listed to show examples of work undertaken by the daughters. We have yet to be asked for something we couldn’t provide.


The daughters offer specific teaching in all areas that they specialise in. These courses last a year and a day and can be multidisciplinary or single subjects i.e Voodoo, Shamic, Akashic etc. Teaching is conducted electronically and is on a 1-2-1 basis.


The daughters do not speak about the spell work that is being carried out. This ensures that the outcome has the most power it can have. Anonymity for the daughters and their clients is of utmost importance and will always be adhered to. Confidentiality is crucial when dealing with the work that the daughters do.