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The daughters offer multiple courses. Each one of the courses lasts a year and a day.

Courses are taught electronically and are on a 1-2-1 basis.

We like to think of ourselves as eclectic and we want you to be the same. With this in mind, we teach single magic courses, single pantheon courses and combined courses. 

It is important for you to recognise that what you think might be right for you is not. Start the course you feel more aligned to and your pathway will reveal itself. 

The price below covers all your tool kit and materials, including shiping worldwide.

Single Discipline

Choose one, Choose wisely - £12,500

Single Pantheon

Choose your Gods - £12,500

Mixed Discipline

Learn wisely - £18,000

Daughter Degree

Learn all - £25,000

When you want to specialise. As the daughters always say to new candidates. Choose one, choose wisely.


Interested in one pantheon and want to specialise? This course will make you a specialist in the one you select. Choose your Gods.

What if you could learn it all? This is the entry level course into all the disciplines and pantheons the daughters use.

This course runs over three years. At the end of the course, you will have learnt all the knowledge you desire.